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Dramaturgy in New Play Development

A class taught by me!

May 10, 2021

Produced by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

What are all these "new plays" you keep hearing about? Why are workshops and world premiere so important? And what are these dramaturg's notes I see in playbills? Take my one night only course to learn more about dramaturgy and how it supports new plays. 

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This Is All Just Temporary

by Olivia Haller

World premiere, Convergence Theatre. 2018.


"...overall, the piece was powerful and gripping. The story and the characters ring true, which is a credit to Haller’s writing and the actors’ performances, but also to the hard work of the Dramaturg (Margot H. G. Manburg) who essentially constructs the creative bridge between the two."

-- DC Metro Theater Arts

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